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If you’re scared of horror movies, skip this post! If you’re scared but still want to peek in, well… here it is!

As I said, I didn’t do it! The Festival of Sin guys did it!  The event opens this weekend and the build is pretty amazing. Sadly, I’m in a hurry as always, so you only get a quick sneak peek at the venue, but I promise to give you more location snapshots before the event opens. All the seven sins are amazingly illustrated, so it’s totally worth taking pics!

For this post, Moniq is wearing this stunning Miamai outfit, a sumptuous hair by Amacci and a China Doll skin by La Petite Morte. The HopScotch poses, also to be released for the Festival of Sin, were the perfect finishing touch.

And here’s one more snapshot to get you ready for what’s about to come. Of course, this is a milder photo, but I promise, the build is totally worth visiting!


Skin: China Doll by La Petite Morte for Festival of Sin

Hair: Pythia ~ Black Coal by Amacci for Festival of Sin

Outfit: Lyssa by Miamai for Festival of Sin

Boots: Divine Mx by sYs

Nails: Metallic- greys by Je suis

Poses: Envy Me by Hopscotch for Festival of Sin

The location will be available when the event opens. Meanwhile, check the official blog for more teasers and participant stores list.