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The Festival of Sin starts tomorrow and, while giving you another sneak peek, I’m going to tell you some things that may come in handy when you visit the event.

First of all, take a deep breath and be ready for blood! The venue is decorated to illustrate the seven sins, so the Wrath area is a bit scary, the Gluttony area will make you hungry and so on.

Also, the event is located on an Adult sim, so you need to be age verified to get in. On the other hand, it’s so worth doing it, there are some amazing items!

Also, in order to keep the lag down, there is a script counting gate when you land, so be sure to detach all scripted items when you visit the venue!

Now back to the photos! Moniq is wearing more Festival of Sin items and I managed to take an almost decent photo:D The skin is by Felony (comes in a pack of four tones), the hair is by Amacci, the high waist skirt is by Elymode (it also has a low waist version and there’s a matching sheer top for it too, plus mesh and non mesh prim part) and the jewelry is by Dark Mouse.

I’m going to stop a bit to tell you about the shoes. Those, ladies, are rigged mesh and what you see is mesh feet. I never tried rigged mesh feet before and I must admit that I am amazed. Both because they are so easy to work with and because I managed to match them almost perfectly. And I have major feet tinting issues since the latest viewers! If you’re not in to rigged mesh, there’s also a version with prim toes only and that is editable mesh.

Also, you should check these cover-up poses by Frooti, they’re totally fun to play with!



Skin: Lust – light by Felony for Festival of Sin

Hair: Bloom ~ Mahogany by Amacci for Festival of Sin

Top: missing in action šŸ˜€

Skirt: Lussuria skirt (high) – black by Elymode for Festival of Sin

Shoes: BoudoirĀ  mules black by lassitude & ennui for Festival of Sin

Jewelry: Avidita set by Dark Mouse for Festival of Sin

Poses: Cover up by Frooti for Festival of Sin

The location of Festival of Sin will be available when the event opens. Meanwhile, check the official blog for more teasers and participant stores list.