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Weather forecast says two more sunny days and then snow again. Well guess what, snow, I’ll just ignore you! Instead, I’m gonna dress my avatar in sunny clothes, maybe that will scare you off!

In other news, I find myself more and more surprised about mesh. Since it came to Second Life last year, I’ve been trying mesh a lot and you’d think I’d get used to it and finally take it for granted. Well, I’m not! The more I wear mesh, the more I find it amazing and love how it can actually make an avatar look so good and so natural! And I keep wondering how we could live without it for so long (Well, for oldbies, I guess that goes the same for prim hair and shoes lol.) However, it still makes me happy every time I put some mesh on Moniq.

Today, to make a bold statement against winter, I dressed Moniq in a summer white strapless dress and went to the Cupcake sim where trees are in bloom. The dress is a new release by J.H.Couture and is available at the March Mesh Madness event. I was a bit surprised to find those Nardcotix cheetah wedges in my inventory, I bought them during an event, I think, and I don’t remember ever wearing them. Well, their time has come, because they are the perfect shoes for this dress. The Sauvage purse by je suis was the natural choice.

I needed some color in the picture, though, so I used a trick. I chose a different belt for my dress (they come together). Instead of white, I decided to go for teal. Or cyan. And because I could not decide which one, I kept them both 😀 Also, to work a bit more on the blue to green scale, I added this amazing set by Maxi Gossamer, also available at the March Mesh Madness. You know what’s amazing? The set comes with earrings and two necklace versions, non-rigged mess, all for L$99. I call that happy shopping!

Last, but not least, Exile released new hair (big yay and happy dance). Two rigged mesh styles this year and this one is my favorite. It’s called “Someone like you” and the name and the style fit so perfectly with Moniq’s look!


Skin: Helena  – Milk  – Gretta by Aura

Hair: Someone like you  – Flash (MESH) by Exile

Dress: *Malika* MESH Tube Dress – WHITE (MESH)  by J.H. Couture for MMM12 (it comes with white belt)

Shoes: Gloria Wedge BW Cheeta by Nardcotix

Bag: Sauvage purse – zebra by Je suis

Jewelry:  Ashanti – APPLE by Maxi Gossamer for MMM12

Poses: kimberly by SOPHERIAN (free here)

Location: Cheescake