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With so many stunning pieces of jewelry and outfits that seem to be made for modern day royalty, you’d think finding an outfit named Queen, or a set of jewelry with that name, would be an easy thing is a store so full of wonderful creations as Donna Flora. Surprisingly, it’s not easy at all.

So today, I’m going to name Donna Flora creator, Squinternet Larnia, the Queen of Beautiful. I knew her store quite well, but never really spent time to check every dress, accessory or jewelry set until Cajsa called bloggers and photographers do to an A to Z post using Donna Flora items.

I came late to the party and I ended up claiming the letter Q. And then despaired for not really finding a Q. But inspiration came from Saffron Foxclaw, who used the color Aqua to make up for the lack of Qs. Needless to say I paid several visits to the store, chose an item, then changed my mind and came back looking for more. I was so eager to to a gorgeous post and nervous like a newbie blogger (I confess I still am while writing this).

And finally, there it is!

This dress is called Annie, but it comes in ruby/aQua, so I am using the assigned letter. I could have chosen a gown – I was about to, but then I wanted people to see that Donna Flora is not only a store for evening gowns or high class outfits. There’s also something on the cute/casual side for you. I also picked this purple bag because it seems to be made on purpose for this dress.

Another reason why I chose this dress is because it’s a perfect match for this jewelry set that I have for ages in my inventory. Maybe I should have added a recent release, but to me, this pieces are special, they are the first Donna Flora items I’ve ever owned (they were a gift back in 2009, i think) and they are still perfect to wear today. I remember my astonishment as a virtual fashion noob when I first put that necklace on Moniq. I’m sure it had an impact on my latter decision to start fashion blogging. So for that and for all the beauty you made for us, thank you, Squinternet Larnia!


Skin: Harper Natural Glamour by Adam N Eve

Hair: Penny/harlow by Exile

Dress: ANNIE short ruby-aqua by Donna Flora

Shoes: Pimp Your Pumps V2 – Point Platform by Gos

Bag: ROBY bag purple by Donna Flora

Jewelry: JASMINE by Donna Flora

Poses: Exposeur

Location: Epoch -Forgotten City