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That is the name of a prop prepared by Status Poses for Culture Shock. I’m a fan of props and poses in SL, because they make a blogger’s life so much easier, so they deserve as much credit as any other creator in SL.

What I like about Status is that their props and poses are always fun to play with and Scaffolding is no exception. It has 10 built-in poses and an easy feature to adjust the avatar (yes, it was easy once I realized I had to access the admin menu, but I’m a bit slow on these things, I must admit).

Another store name that needs to be mentioned here is Echo. Lovely items, well made and very affordable. And the designer is now into mesh too (many CS participants are providing mesh items, which I totally approve of!) and her stuff is getting better and better. Featured in this post is a micro leather skirt, coming in Standard Sizing. I chose the red one, but it comes in various colors. Keep an eye on this blog for more mesh goodness from Echo!

Another store that has mesh item at CS is 22769. I don’t know what those figures stand for, but I do know that I love their ethnic-inspired collection for Culture Shock. Also, there’s some color-block releases and that is my recent (and enduring) passion.

Of course, the shoes need to be mentioned. They are a new release by Your Skin & Your Shape and are to die for! They come in two versions, with and without socks, and in a large array of colors and fabrics.  I must admit that I was too lazy to try matching the prim feet, so I chose the sock version. However, along with the hud and presets for all YS & YS skin tones, you also get tintable tattoo layers for a better match (When I have more time, I promise to try the no-sock version!)

And speaking of Your Skin & Your Shape, I must admit that I am a fan of their skins. They were my first skin love in SL and have gotten better ever since. This year at Culture Shock, the brand has three special edition skins, with sales going to charity. Moniq is wearing Jenny.

Also, have a look at this lovely necklace by Caroline’s Jewelry. It’s called Free as a Bird and it comes in gold and silver versions.

The hair on Moniq is a new release by Pomme d’Amour. It’s a retro-inspired pony tail and what I like best about it is the fringe. I tinted the hair ribbon to match the outfit.


Skin: Jenny by Your Skin & Your Shape for Culture Shock

Eyes: Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Dark Onyx, w2) by MayFly


Top: african springtop brown by 22769 ~ [femme] for Culture Shock

Skirt: Ligature Leather Mesh Skirt – red by Echo for Culture Shock

Shoes: Brera LeathCognac (sock) by Your Skin & Your Shape for Culture Shock

Jewelry: Free as a Bird (gold) by Caroline’s Jewelry for Culture Shock

Clutch: Greta  fashion clutch by Aleida (Culture Shock gift)

Prop: Scaffolding – Female by Status for Culture Shock

The landmark for Culture Shock will be available on May 4th, when the event opens. Meanwhile, check the official blog for more info on the charity and complete participant store list.

Jenny Culture Shock 2012