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One reason to be happy? That’s easy: the Shag booth was finally set up at Culture Shock. I must admit I was a bit of a stalker, from the first moment I was allowed on the sim. I even logged off there, so I can log back in from time to time and check the booth. Yes, a girl would go that far for great hair! Finally, the setup is complete and the brand has two styles out. Both of them are donation items, with 50% of the sales going to Medecins Sans Frontieres.

Moniq is wearing Cherie, a glamorous updo that won my heart from second 1. I chose this white-ish tone with roots because it works so well with the color of my new Ison mesh jumpsuit (also a new release for Culture Shock). It reminds me of Miranda from “The Devil Wears Prada”, though the styles are so totally different.

tourist snaps

One thing that I realized about Culture Shock is that traveling is very “in” this season. Bag carry poses, traveler bags and so on. This Snap happy pose pack by Estetica, also released for the event, is no really meant for  traveling, but I thought it was in line with Moniq’s look: a fashion-addict, arrogant tourist photographing herself in the luxurious Caledon Park.

Also, I promised you more info on the Adore & Abhor skin worn in my previous post. It is a donation item at Culture Shock and you can have it for L$200 only! After the event, it will be sold for L$400 (yes, 400 not 40, apparently i’m eating letters :D) , so you might want to get it now. Also, I must mention the lips of this skin. I am totally in love with them. They look so naturally sexy! There’s another version of this skin at the event also, so you can choose your favorite.

And let’s not forget that other things are also happening on the grid right now! Take Disco Deals, which ends today and which features lovely items for affordable prices. At the Disco Deals you can find this lovely jewelry set by DCD, or Dragon Charm Designs, but you need to hurry, the event only lasts during the weekend!


Skin: Nude Tan by Adore&Abhor  for Culture Shock

Hair: Cherie (roots) – vodka by SHAG  for Culture Shock

Jumpsuit: v-cut jumpsuit  (mint) by ISON for Culture Shock

Shoes: Brera CS2012 by *YS&YS* for Culture Shock

Jewelry: ‘Naidra’ set by Dragon Charm Designs for Disco Deals

Sunglasses: Retro Glasses by Mina

Bag:  Travel Bag-Black Leather/Flag by Iren for Culture Shock

Poses:  snap happy  (phone included) by Estetica for Culture Shock

Location: Caledon Victorian Garden

PS. The SLURLs for Culture Shock will are the ones for the actual stores. When at the landing point, please follow the red arrow.