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I kinda feel that my photos are looking more or less the same these days so I needed to try something new. While that’s usually complicated and time consuming, sometimes it can be as easy as using a keyboard combo! And that’s where Ctrl+8 comes in. I use Ctrl+0 a lot, to zoom in, but rarely use the opposite because it has the bad habit of deforming the avatar. In this case, however, I loved the perspective that the zoom out feature gave this photo:

(Also, it made editing useless, so less work for me!)

And now it’s time to brag a bit! I am the lucky winner of the Je Suis anniversary photo contest (you can see my entry here) so I went there to spend my prize today. One of the sets that was missing from my inventory was this domino necklace and bangles – color change and customizable, as most of the Je Suis jewelry – so I had to show it off.

Also, did you know that Analog Dog has mesh hair? There are two new styles that mix mesh with flexy so you can have hair movement and at the same time no hair going through your body. I used the flexy option in the first photo, but removed it in the close-up, because I wanted the jewelry to be more visible.

Two more things you need to know: the Leverocci sale is still ongoing, so I got this shirt and boots for some amazing prizes, and Rockberry and Twilythula have a watermelon hunt ongoing (actually, it was supposed to end on the 22th, but the prizes were still available today). Ironically, while hunting at Rockberry I got the skin on Moniq at the lucky board. And lucky boards seem to hate Ms!


Skin:  Apple 2/Natural/BRN by Rockberry (lucky board prize)

Hair: veronica (mesh) dark blonde by Analog Dog

Shirt: Soft Satin Blouse_StandardSizing_Nude by Leverocci (sale)

Leggings: Grandma Had One Capri Jeans by Tutti Frutti

Boots: Nappa Leather FO Boot_Sapphire by Leverocci (sale)

Jewelry: domino by Je Suis

Poses: Frooti