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Stores open and close in SL. Some close because of SL, some want to rebrand, others close to take a break and come with a new breath. And this is good, because, somehow, creativity is never lost.

However, when this happens to stores that one loves, it’s no longer “oh, this is SL”. Because some designers can touch the heart of their customers. Some creators add something of the beauty of their souls to each item they make.

To me, Dark Mouse is such a store and creator Mouse Mimistrobell is such a designer. I know Dark Mouse since my noob days, when I had no idea about the SL fashion industry. I loved that store ever since. Meanwhile, I got to know a bit of Mouse and I think she is an amazing woman.

All this said, the announcement of Dark Mouse closing has made me very, very sad. There is a 50% off closing sale at the store, but that does not make me happier. Somehow, I feel like I lose a connection to the “young” SL me.

But this post is not about me. It’s about a store that I love and a woman whom I admire. So thank you, Mouse, for all the beauty that you brought to my life! I hope you come back to creating new amazing items.

Obviously, for this post I chose my favorite Dark Mouse jewelry, the Bohemian Flare necklace with matching earrings, and my favorite Dark Mouse hair, Antonia. I advice you to go to the store and stock up. You get everything 50% off and pretty much everything in that store is worth having.

Taxi to Dark Mouse


Skin: Nude Tan Blond Brow Frex by Adore & Abhor

Hair: Antonia/Blond3 by Dark Mouse

Dress: Embrace > Coral by Geometry

Jewelry: Bohemian Flare by Dark Mouse

Pose: Glitterati