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1. Shoes. One of the reasons that I didn’t post anything here in days is a long and half-successful quest for RL shoes. I needed a pair of platform pumps in a certain shade of turquoise. Fail. Or win. Cause the only ones that I found and that might have worked were going to be certain painful death for my feet.

There’s this joke that was going around years ago, when platform shoes hit fashion: how do modern girls kill themselves? They jump from the height of their heels! That was (almost) me these days.

In SL, however, things are much easier. I got these amazing pumps as gift for the Energy club opening. And guess what: they were the exact shade of turquoise that I was looking for in RL. And sl feet are safe too!

2. Skin. Aeva/Heartsick has two new skins out, Selene and Halo, with new beautiful lips (cause hey, that’s what I love most about skins). Each skin comes in 5 tones and each tone has 7 makeups. You get lots of option for each makeup – cleavage/mild cleavage/ no cleavage, brows/ no brows freckles/ no freckles. Worth giving it a try!

3. Hair. Mina released two new styles for Cinema, a sim-wide event that started on Saturday and where you can find your favorite movie-inspired items. Kat and Ursula come with a color-change hud for color packs and fatpacks. Ursula has hairbases included, while Kat (seen in the first photo), has the catwoman mask included.


Skins: Selene and Halo by Aeva/Heartsick

Hairs: Kat and Ursula by Mina for Cinema

Shoes: ..::Energie ::..  Alexis  pumps bow (Energy club opening gift)

Jewelry: Addiction Joli Set – Ocean Tanzanite

Poses: Adorkable Poses