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All alone in an empty train station, knowing that she’s waiting for a train that will never come…

Sounds like a soapy movie, right? However, this was the feeling I had when I visited the Roche train station. Lila Quander, one of my favorite bloggers and photographers, featured Roche in an amazing post and I thought it might be worth visiting.

Moniq’s outfit was not really what I’d choose for photographs on a deserted train station, but somehow, the contrast between the colorful cardigan by Boho Hobo (it was a prize in the Peace on Hearth hunt and it was still available a couple of days ago, by the way) and the posh boots by Bax (new at the Dressing Room Fusion) made me want to try a couple of snapshots.

In the end, I love this photo!

Finding the right pose for that photo was really REALLY difficult. It’s funny how the outfit came together in an instant, but I spent an incredible amount of time trying to take a snapshot. See? That’s how things work. Finally, I found this pose by Ovation, which is part of a new set, that illustrates the sadness of waiting for a train that’s never going to come and, at the same time, the hope that this station is not completely forgotten, after all.

Also, this shows how very important poses are for blogging and photography. So please, bloggers, credit the poses that you use, and designers, please make some more for us!


Skin: Akeruka– Giorgia Light Mk4 Cleavage, worn with Giorgia lipstick

Teeth: [:Tuli:] Parted lips 1 (Free on the Marketplace)

Hair: “”D!va“” Hair “Asami” (Type A)(Rhodolite)

Cardigan: BoHo HoBo  Peace on Earth CARDIGAN (hunt prize, may still be available)

Leggings: Peqe – Kate Leather High Tights

Boots: BAX Foxy Boots Steel @ Dressing Room Fusion

Jewelry: Chop Zuey  – Black Storm Necklace & Earrings

Bag: STATUS – part of pose set