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I recently read a post by Gogo about the mirror effect in Second Life and, of course, I decided that I need to try that.

So I followed this tutorial and the result was impressive. Of course, you NEED water to make it work out, because the only thing that reflects in SL is water. If your land  does not have water (and that was my case), you have to find a parcel with water that allows rezzing prims. Other than that, if you use Firestorm, I suggest you use the Height Offset tool in the Quick Preferences menu to make you avatar look like it stands right on the mirror surface. I have no idea where that tool is located in other viewers, sorry.


Skin: Aeva // Faith ~ 2 // Wishful // No Cleavage

Hair: Amacci Hair Sione (streaked) ~ Midnight Blue

Dress: [sYs] NEKHO Dress –  light blue

Boots: Leverocci – Siberia Boots_Nero

Pose: Ploom