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One thing I always admire is the way that people come together to help. And that’s one thing that I love about SL. We help our own. And others who are in need. We rallied for the Japan tsunami victims, people and pets, for the Haiti flood victims, for a resident’s surgery, for another resident’s legal battle, for another resident’s pet. We support causes, we donate to those that we believe in, the way each of us can: creators donate their items, on which they spent precious RL time, bloggers donate their time and photography/writing skills, and all of us, designers, bloggers and shoppers donate lindens.

Have there been attempts to scam? Yes, there have, and they have been uncovered. Was there drama? Yes, there was, but events went along and reached their goals. But most fundraisers were organized in good faith, and more residents supported them than those who criticized them.

Some may object that health issues are more important than a new computer. Maybe. But giving back is also important. And when it comes to giving back to one of the nicest and most generous creators in SL, I’M IN. All caps.

Amesha Jewell, the owner and creator of Aeva skins (and if you don’t know Aeva, you probably do know Heartsick and Burning Chrome)  can’t keep creating unless she buys a new computer. Which she can’t afford, due to health reasons. So her friends set up a fundraiser to help her get a new PC. And to keep bringing us the lovely Aeva skins.

You know what I’d love? To have more events like this. To help more creators upgrade their PCs, to keep creating stuff for us. It’s about giving back. The items we buy are generally worth more than the lindens they charge for, because they spend RL time on them, and look for inspiration, and get frustrated when something doesn’t come out right, and then try again, all for our enjoyment.

More than 40 designers are involved in the Aeva/Heartsick fundraiser, so I’m sure you’re going to find something to suit your taste, and most of them sold at very affordable prices. I found several, to be honest!

Today, I am going to show you this Sakide dress (it comes in three versions). I added this gorgeous blazer by The Secret Store, to be released for FaMEShed (starts on the 1st May).

The skin on Moniq is by Aeva, and the hair is by another long time favorite of mine, Exile. The bag is by JD and is available at the Dressing Room Fusion.


Skin: Aeva // Elodie ~ Tone 2 // Natural [No Cleavage]

Hair:  ::Exile::This Years Love:Autumn

Dress: [ SAKIDE ] Somrig Dress Black @ Aeva/Heartsick fundraiser (starts on May 1st)

Blazer: The Secret Store – Structured Blazer – Coral/Cuffs  @ FaMESHed (starts on May 1st)

Tie:Adore & Abhor Come Undone Tie – F – White

Bag: JD – Cubetto Left Hand B/B/ Silver @ Dressing Room Fusion

Pose: Amacci