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Ok, I’m a bit ahead of the times with that headline, but I kind of wish it was midsummer. I hope that by that time I am all settled with my new job, my new schedule and everything.

Meanwhile, I am neglecting my Second Life, so my avatar spends days and days wearing the same outfit. Take this look: I put the skin (YS&YS group gift), hair (latest release by Exile), necklace (Pure Poison) and shoes (Arcade goodie) on Moniq almost one week ago, then changed the dress after the ColdLogic release, some time this week, and I finally got to take a photo and edit it a couple of hours ago.

I’m sure you have already seen these items for days on all the feeds. But I hope you will see my outfit as a new take on them and like it. I, for one, liked it enough to keep everything on, although the SL fashion scene is the illustration of the RL consumption-based economy on fast-forward. But sometimes it’s just good to take a deep breath and rest a bit šŸ™‚

And before we go to the credits, there’s something I need to mention. Status Poses rebranded to Pretense and came back inworld with a new mainstore. I know that poses are sometimes forgotten or only get a mention here and there, while we brag about our outfits or skins or hair. But imagine a SL photo without a pose. Can you? No? I thought so!


Skin: *YS & YS* Cara MyLove Group Gift

Hair: Exile::Longest Night AON + Natural Fusion HUD

Dress: coldLogic dress – daines.citrus

Shoes: Ingenue :: Delphine :: Spring @ The Arcade

Necklace: Pure Poison – Nisaa Necklace – Emerald

Pose: Pretense

Location: World’s End Garden