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Logging on WordPress afer a long, long time (yeah, my latest notifications are 38 days old) is, sort of, like coming back home.

It’s been some good 38 days, filled with work, family meetings, love, disturbing news, vacation, more work, shopping… just like any other 38 days recently.

Except for the shopping part. I stormed RL stores as if I was in SL and spent my real money just as recklessly. That, my friends, means I need to seriously get back to blogging or I’ll go banckrupt again šŸ˜€

And this gets me to the point. I have two looks for you in this post, you probably know the items already, because most of them are not that new and have been blogged already, but hey, I’m here with a personal touch, so I hope you like these outfits.First of all, let’s welcome LaRoo Shoes in the world of easy skin matching. On Saturday, the brand releasedĀ  the new collection with a HUD meant so make our SL easier. It works pretty much like the HUDs of N-Core and Gos shoes, you go to a webpage, find your skin, select it and apply. The skin database is a work in process (and with new skins coming out each day, it will probably be a work in process forever) but the major skin brands are there and you can suggest a skin, if it’s not on the website.

On the other hand, I found it quit easy to match a skin that was not in the database, with the regular options on the HUD (yeah, I needed to take the photo right that moment, there was not time to suggest skins, I was afraid that I’d never take the photo if I postponed it for a minute :D)

Meahwhile, ColdLogic had a couple of releases, so I chose this lovely dress to show you. A cute dress was also released by The Secret Store (along with other cute dresses, of course).

Mina has a lovely hairstyle for Enchantment (it comes with a crown too!), while Alice Project has bloody hairs free for all!

Also, October 31 is the last day to grab the VIP gift at PXL, a lovely version of Jade, while Filthy skins has a lot of gifts at the store.

And there’s probably more to be mentioned, but I need to hit `publish` or I’ll never post this and that’s what will happen if I don’t stop writing.


Look 1:

Skin: [PXL] JADE PA Halloween VIP DEB C2 (group gift, available till October 31)

Hair: MINA Hair – Blanka – Snowwhite @Enchantment (starts November 1)

Dress: The Secret Store – Jezibell Dress – Teal

Shoes: (LaRoo) Hanna Pumps – Cocoa

Braceles: Chop Zuey – Enigma Variations (resized)

Clutch: {{BSD Design Studio}} Prestissimo Clutch – green [copy]

Look 2:

Skin: :Filthy: Group.Gift#4.2013 ___( Ivory )

Hair:Ā *Alice Project* Delilah – Bloody Red (one bloody hairstyle free each day)

Dress: coldLogic dress – durling.juniper (store temporarily closed, products available on marketplace)

Shoes: (LaRoo) Emily Wedge Sandals – Blue

Necklace: Pure Poison – Black Arachnide Necklace

Poses: Eternal Dream

Location: It all starts with a smile